Industrial Software

Tritronix Industrial Software

Converting process and field data into business knowledge with HMI, SCADA and mobile applications, Tritronix Industrial Software creates enterprise-wide intelligence from raw production data.

Tritronix has always empowered customers with greater agility, efficiency and reliability. With Tritronix Industrial Software, the Tritronix Group continues to provide world-class solutions on both legacy and next-generation platforms.

Tritronix Industrial Software’s brand is home to industrial-strength purpose-built solutions. From monitoring your plant processes to managing commissioning activities, tools are what you need to get the job done. Combining rich feature sets with no-nonsense pricing, our products can meet your short-term project needs – and be ready for long-term expansion.

opLYNX – Field Data Acquisition Software
HPXi – Plant Process Control Software
CERT – Continuous Emissions Reporting Tool
PVA – Pipeline Volume Analysis Software

Our solutions have been applied in numerous industries around the world including oil and gas, pipelines, chemicals, utilities and waste water management. It’s time to put our expertise to work for you.