We are authorized designing, maintenance, service and repair engineer and technicians for Magnetek, Yaskawa, Fuji, Baldor, Reliance, ABB, Siemens, US
Drives, Control Techniques, Emerson, Saftronics, SEW Eurodrive, GE, FANUC, Square D, Cleveland Motion Controls, Toshiba, Polyspede, Graham, TB Wood’s,Motortronics, Nexen and Fairford Electronics. Facilities on Industrial electronic equipment mostly with AC and DC drives. We have a vast supply of electronic components to expedite your repairs. Most importantly, our technicians have over 10 years experience in industrial electronic sales and repairs, servicing circuit boards, VFD units, PLC’s, and drives from all over the Country. While we are not an authorized dealer for any brand of PLC’s we have many years of experience working on their equipment and have done extensive training on their AC drives, DC drives, and servo drives. We offer technical support over the phone as well, for items we have sold or repaired and design for our customers.

Large & Custom Machines:                                                                                              
Tritronix, began knowing how to make machines work more efficiently and more reliably. Today Tritronix machines we’ve built and serviced continue to be in use
• Controls & electrical design
• Application specific software
• Electronics & electrical, retrofitting
• Emergency service &repair

Engineering Research & Development:
With more than 10 years combined engineering expertise we
have a solid track record for developing innovative machines, practical tools and software applications that save our clients time and
• System design & construction
• C++ programming
• Research
• System set up
• Training and support

Automation & Efficiency Systems:
Tritronix, builds systems that make your jobs easier to operate, more efficient, and offer a greater return on your investment.
• Electrical components & installation
• Pneumatic components & installation
• Electrical & pneumatic schematics
• Assembly machines and lines
• C++ programming
• Siemens step 7 programming

• All type and brand PLC programming
• Integration into existing equipment
• Operator training & manual
• Remote monitoring

Quality Control & Inspection Systems:

Tritronix, engineers have a proven track record of maintaining systems that offer more accurate and controlled ways of “processing” your business. Robotics, vision
systems, controls, test and inspections, we successfully integrate new systems that offer you a greater return on your investment.

• Custom software applications
• Control systems
• Vision inspection
• Measurement systems
• Fixture testing
• Equipment & control retrofit and repair
• Adhesives testing & control

We provide expert repairs, service and sales on:
• Circuit boards of all types

• AC Drives / Variable Frequency Drives

• DC Drives

• Servo Drives

• Power Supplies

• PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)

• Card Access Security Systems

• Tension Control Systems

• Winder Control Systems

• CNC Machine Tool Controls

• HVAC Control Systems

• Electronic Clutch-Brake Modules

• Air Ionizers

• Timers

• Encoders

• Lasers and Laser Systems

• VFD units

• Spindle Drives.

At Tritronix Industrial solution we can put a load on your AC drive or DC
drive after we repair it, up to 100 hp. We have motors that we tie together to
buck each other when we test your AC or DC drive when the repair department is done with the repair. If a drive comes in for repair be it an AC drive, DC drive, Servo drive, or Spindle drive and it is uneconomical to repair or if it can’t be repaired due to obsolete parts we can usually get you a quote for a new drive that will work in its place. Our sales department will work with you on getting you the proper drive to retrofit into your system if your old drive is obsolete. If your drive is still currently available we will quote you with the same drive.